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"One word, luv. Curiosity. You want Freedom,"

...one day, you won't be able to resist."

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I live my life like a musical. Sarcasm and overall dry humor is a MUST. Joyful, joyful! No such thing as too much laughter. Bohemian to the core, I would totally make a home in the woods near a meadow, just pondering life's questions and whether or not truth, beauty, freedom, and love really exist... if I could. You know me and Bambi would be BFFs. I also insist on involving myself as deeply as possible in all the arts... theatre, music, visual arts, writing. They're all my greatest passions and I would not be able to exist for long without them. I have a tendancy to speak in lolcat more than I use my "big kid words". O HAI MAH FRENDZ. HOPE U ENJOY UR STAY LOLOLOL. <3